High-quality lighting and electrical signage

Here at SPARK Electricians, we create high-quality lighting and electrical signage that meet all the modern standards of functionality and design. Give new life to your bars, pubs, and casinos with our custom made lighting created by the best experts in the business.

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Quality work through dedication

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest machinery necessary to manufacture and distribute the lighting to your stores. Have new signs, lights, displays, lamps, and chandeliers installed on short notice. We distribute our products all across the globe, so don’t hesitate to contact us and have your lighting shipped today.


SPARK Electricians

By choosing SPARK Electricians, you will get professional service with some of the best prices around. Our employees have spent years in this business, and they will be ready to listen and meet all your demands. The nature of our work requires special care when delivering and installing the products, and we have all the necessary equipment for lighting up your place with perfection. Do not worry, as everything will be firmly in place and properly running.

During the delivery, we make sure to carefully package each and every item, so there’s no chance for them to get damaged or broken during transport. From small bulbs to huge exterior casino signs, SPARK Electricians should be your number one choice when it comes to lighting and signage. It’s really easy to order, and we guarantee that your shipment will arrive on time.

Lighting Design

The design is the only thing that separates a good sign from a terrible one.

Lighting Installation

Once you have chosen the signage and lighting options for your business, it comes the time for their installation.

Manufacturing Process

With the help of the right tools, our company can make almost any type of signage and lighting that comes to your mind.

The thing that sets us apart from the competition is our offer.

By browsing through the galleries on the website, you will see that we have both traditional and modern lighting that comes in various shapes and sizes. There are hundreds of different items that you can choose, all ready to be installed in your premises. If you don’t know what to pick, we can help. Our team will work together with the designers so your place can look fresh and unique. More so, we are ready to meet your special demands and make custom designed work in no time.

How to Order


Requesting our services and ordering our high-quality products is easy. By contacting us, you will get a quick answer with the details on when your product will be made, delivered, and installed. We make sure to promptly answer to all of our clients’ messages. We already have certain products in stock, which means that they are ready to be dispatched immediately. As for custom work, you might wait several weeks for the product to be ready, depending on the workload and the type of your order.


We make sure that our products arrive on time and that you don’t have to wait for more than what we have agreed upon. You can request your lighting and signs to arrive on a certain date, and our reliable couriers will follow the specific delivery time.


When a product gets dispatched, you will receive a message with the details for tracking your delivery. You will also be informed about an estimated delivery date, that is, when you should expect your order to be delivered to your address.


SPARK Electricians ships products all over the world. Delivery charges can vary depending on your exact location. For more information, you can contact us directly, and we will give you our price list.

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SPARK Electricians was founded in 2000, with the goal to shed light on any business that needs it.